Since 2011. In loose order of activeness.

Flash Force

A mobile app that allows groups of people to flash patterns of light together in sync. I am in charge of app development and created the timing system. I made the iOS app using Swift, the server is Python/Django based, and the Android app is in progress, using Java.


A successful SaaS product that sends scheduled email and text reminders. I created this entirely from the bottom up using Python on Google App Engine. I continue to maintain it and create new features.


A productivity journal that is a work in progress. Journaling what you have accomplished makes you motivated and keeps teams on track. Created in Python/Django, hosted on Heroku with a lot of third party APIs.

Menuflick - Crowdsourced restaurant menus using reviews that are mad libbed by users. Fun project that didn’t really get any traction but still available. I was in charge of the backend and some of the frontend work. Built using Python and hosted on Google App Engine.

DensityPro - Software that helps with contruction density testing during grading. Built using PHP with Laravel. I have nothing but good to say about Laravel but Python wins my heart.

ReviewCivilPe - Blog that helps people preparing to pass the Professional Engineers exam for Civil Engineering.

Wresy - I worked with a company that installs water recycling systems that recycle usable water into sprinkler systems. I created software for an Arduino unit that read the tank levels, detected which tanks to draw water from while sprinklers are running, and also had a networking component that sent values to a Django powered website to monitor installed tanks. monitoring site